About ME

Essential Essences is a fashion foward business. I am unique because all the items are handmade, be it crochet bathings suits, dresses, baby clothes anything crochet....I also make my own jewelry be it crochet jewelry to beadwork jewelry...All my product has the loving touch of being made by hand. Give you the uniqueness of being different in your own way.

If you would like to learn more about me and the things I do check out these websits:






I take special orders and can complete most item within 3-5 day.  So if you are interested please do not hesitate to contact me via any of these websites or contact info....:) 



 Starting New Venture in Life.
I am mom and wife, trying to find more income in my life. So, I started about 6 years ago selling things that I crocheted and jewelry I made. I have been going to flea markets and sold stuff on ebay but sometime it is a slow way to receive revenue. I figured if I spread my wings and find other avenues of networking, that things will get better. So, I started facebooking, blogging, joining different site like Ravelry, Artfire, Blogger, and Native and Trade to name a few. So, I hope that I am doing this right and would like any assistance to make me better at it.


Mrs.Aisha Frazier

Phone: 678-519-1528

Cell: 404-952-0189 Atl. #: 478-318-5415

Email:  ms_frazier2002@yahoo.com

Website:  www.artfire.com/users/essentialessences_crochet



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